Sensual Session - living intimacy & fulfilling sexuality


What do I need to get in contact?

Can I open my heart and eyes fully for myself and my vis-á-vis?

How can I open my body for closeness and intimacy?
How can I mindfully and appreciatively communicate my desires and boundaries?

How can I invigorate my sexuality (with myself or somebody else)


If you longing for loving connection with other people...

If you want to learn how to communicate around your wants and needs...

If you want to open yourself for fulfilling physical contact...

If you want to experience satisfying sexuality....

... then you've come to the right person!


I'll show you exercises and hands-on-techniques, for you to come into your body, get your erotic energies moving and experience passion and lust in an authentic way. After each session you'll receive a protocol with the exercises via e-mail.


1 session (60 min.) 60€ / 55 £ / 70 US$

5 sessions 250€ / 230 £ / 291 US$


For a hands-on-real-life experience with touch I'll recommend a 90 min. or 2 hours

1:1 Bodywork Session