My 1:1 bodywork offers ranges from energetic massages to embodied coaching with breathwork (with or without touch) as well as sensual-erotic bodywork. What offer is the right fit is depending totally on your needs and intentions. 


How a session looks like depends also on your request. Each time differentlich, each time individually adapted to a clients needs. I am not offering ordinary, uniform sessions. I am 100% there for you, with all that I am and all that I can offer during our time. I am ALL in. And you? 


A BIG BODY LOVE session is a time-out for yourself and a celebration for the senses, where one thing is central: just BEING and finding strength, energy, creativity and sensuality within that. Everything's possible, nothings obligatory. Therefore:  a lot of time to come back home to yourself, to slow down, to find clarity, to try out new ways to connect with your body, to enjoy yourself and your body.

A raindrop massage relaxes your back muscles and strengthen your immune system with the power of 11 essential oils and eclectic massage techniques as well as feather and fan strokes from the Lakota.


90 Min. incl. 60 min. massage with 11 organic essential oils, detoxing lemon water,  talk & relax-time 100€ / 280 US$

5 sessions 425€ / 388 £ /495 US$ (= 85€ / 100 US$ per session)

For generations Polynesian women practiced the secret of sensual and sexual touch with themselves and other women. For me personally Lima Lima is a reminder for my inner power and clarity as well as sensual authenticity. My aim is to empower women* and people with vulvas to tap into their sexual power and desires.


90 Min. incl. talk and relax-time 160€ / 147£ / 190 US$



You want to consciously end certain period or chapter in your life?

You want to find clarity, your power, come into your body?

You want to manifest something with the power and passion of the element of fire?

To finish the ritual you´ll recieve a grounding massage with warm oil, followed by some rest-time with tea and a little earthly snack. 


Here  you can check out a little fire ritual.


 90 Min. 160€ / 147 £ / 190 US$

My approach to sensual-erotic bodywork is to connect mindfulness and breathing techniques of erotic body rituals with elements of neo-tanra, shadow tantra and conscious kink. 

Consent and communication around our desires, boundaries and fantasies is for many a challenging topic and charged with a lot of shame. I can show you how to communicate in encounters and when it comes to touch and intimacy. Again - the way we create the session depends on your intentions. 
The spectrum ranges from pleasurable to cathartic.

 2 hrs. 240€ / 220 £ / 280 US$

The BODY LOVE JOURNEY is the exclusive center piece of BIG BODY LOVE - for those, who need time and space to sustainably want to create a self-care and self-love practice, a relationship with their own body and sexuality, their needs and communication around that. All I have to offer can be part of this specifically tailored journey.

I support you on this journey for 7-9 months depending on the intervals of our sessions.




7  BODY LOVE live sessions - each 2 hours (including final body ritual (worth 1680€)


Protocol & exercises via e-mail after each 1:1 session 


6  BODY LOVE online sessions  - each 30 Min. as a check-in between 1:1 bodywork sessions (Worth 270€)


1 for you individually created 15 min. Body Love Meditation  as audio file (Worth 120€) 


1 for you individually created Body Love organic body oil with essential oils or herbs (Worth 90€)


One-time payment 1.950€ / 1780 £ / 2270 US$

4 rates  á 495€  / 452 £ / 576 US$


BODY LOVE JOURNEYS are also offered as a purely online journey, contact me if you are interested.

You want to spice up your bed room, your closet or your goodie drawer, but you don't know how, what and where?

You don't want to go all by yourself in an erotic shop?

You can't decide which sex toys are best for you and want somebody to support you in finding good quality products according to your needs?

You are planing a sensual, venturous or lustful scenario and would like some support?


First consultation (via phone or zoom) (max. 1 hour) 90€ / 85 £105 US$ ( Fee to make sure I only recieve  serious inquiries - if you book me after our initial call, this fee will be subtracted from your overall fee.) 


Expenditure of time and fee individually negotiable.