BIG BODY LOVE is all about BIG LOVE for the BODY - love to ones own BODY and BODY diversity, as well as love for BIG BODIES - empowerment and self-appreciation of big and fat bodies. 


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In my opinion, self love doesn't mean that you have to love every inch of your body or to tell you constantly how beautiful you are. Part of self love is acknowledging body shame and be gentle or friendly with yourself. Internalized degradation and shame are part of our society and aren't easily shaken off. Of course I too have those days where my inner dialog is little positive or appreciative. On those days, self love means taking my inner critic, who is putting me down, by the hand and telling her clearly "I know, today you are not feeling ... enough. It's okay. But the putting myself down is ending now."


Self love also means clarity and acknowledging ones own  needs, boundaries, yearnings and desires and to take the self-responsibility for their realization. This is what I am supporting my clients in, this is the space I create and hold for them. This is a space of transformation, that each and every client co-creates by trying out various approaches to find clarity.


My work is centered on the dialogue with the body - putting an end to the endless war with your own self, empowering you with self-acceptance, understanding your inner compass and giving your needs a space to be realized and verbalized, to exercise your communication skills regarding desires and boundaries as well as an exploration of the depth and with of your own sexuality and lust.


The following methods and approaches are part of my work: 

  • Integrative Breatwork (Waltraud Degen)
  • Raindrop Technique - a massage with essential oils
  • MANNEA - energetic hormonal and nervous system balance
  • Lima Lima - Polynesian erotic bodywork (Academy of Aloha)
  • Tantric Bodywork (Barbara Carrellas)
  • Sensual-erotic shadow work and conscious kink (Seani Love/School of Erotic Mysteries)
  • Wheel of Consent (Bettty Martin)
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Meditations
  • Visualisations
  • Rituals
  • Energy work
  • Kreative techniques (intuitive writing, painting)
  • Work around contact & mindful touch
  • Work around consent, sensing ones own boundaries and setting them, clear communication

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