What is Big Body Love?

With Big Body Love I am supporting people in creating self-worth, self-love and empowerment in their lives and in mindfully being in connection with themselves and others.
It is all about Big Love for ALL the Bodies, the skinny ones, the fat ones, the disabled ones, the "not so pretty" ones, the bodies outside the gender binary - it´s about Love for body diversity.
Core project is BIG Body Love: the Love for Big Bodies. I aim to support fat/plus-size people in re-gaining their power, they self-worth, to let go of bodyshame and the war on their bodies and live life fully, passionately, sensually with ALL of their body.
I want to co-create a world of body-positivity, respect and appreciation for every-body and do my bit in changing society´s images on which bodies are beautiful, worthy and desireable.

Bodypositivity, Mindfulness and Self-Love

I support you in letting go of your body shame and the fight against your body within a safely and mindfully held space. 

 You are taking a journey of befriending your body and making it your ally instead of your enemy. Creating an appreciative relationship with it. Looking at it with respect and affection.


Being enough.

Charging your life with what makes you happy, from within you and with the body, that you live in.

Feeling your lust for life.


Every human being has it, this voice that knows what you need, how you feel good, what you can do. The painful thing is, not to listen to that voice. Not taking it seriously, not being appreciated by others, having it denied and broken. This inner voice (wether you call it gut feeling, intuition, core voice), no matter in which body it lives, is loving and beautiful and a gift for this world.


With elements of

  • integrative breathwork
  • mindfulness and perception exercises
  • meditation
  • visual exercises
  • energy work
  • psychodrama
  • expression and dance
  • creative techniques

you can learn how to connect with that voice and trust it again.


You know best for how long you carry self doubt, hatred, powerlessness, sadness or rage with you - the process of radical Self-Love therefore takes time too.

Your whole system needs time and space to listen again, piercing layers of hurt and resistance, to look at your mind set and release what´s not longer serving you to empower yourself.


To support you properly in your journey, for  a sustainable change and an increased life quality, I offer - after the the first session - only Body Love  Packages for 5 sessions or the BODY LOVE Journey, a 6 month intensive one-on-one process. Further Information here.

Intimacy, Conscious Sexuality and Tantra

Big Body Love is zest for life, intimacy and conscious sexuality - connecting elements from breath work and mindfulness practices with self love, tantra, shadow work and conscious kink.


Being present and consensual, listening, talking and touching from the heart are fundamental elements of real, appreciative connections - and I very much believe that this can be healing for the world. Based on this every eye-contact, every touch, every shadow-play can be authentic and transforming.


My work focuses on a diverse experiences rather than polar/binary thinking - with your own body, your own gender images, your sexuality, your shadows. The basis is appreciation for body and gender diversity.

Every client can participate with their own (non-)spirituality and adapt exercises to their individual needs.

It´s all about living your personal truth, being connected and authentic with yourself and others.


My individual sessions and workshops include elements from:

  • Urban Tantra (Barbara Carrellas)
  • Temple Work (School of Erotic Mysteries)
  • Wheel of Consent
  • exercises on consent, boundaries, clear communication
  • integrative breathwork
  • mindfulness and perception exercises
  • exercises on connection and mindful touch
  • tantric bodywork
  • shadow work, exercises with archetypes and personae
  • exercises around the senses
  • expression and dance
  • creative techniques

Individual Sessions are bookable as

  • Online Intimacy Training - further informations here.
  • Body Work & Body Rituals  - further informations here.

You find my  current Talks and Workshops here.