Sara Ablinger is a Vienna based bodyworker and workshop facilitator specialised in body positivity, radical self-care & self-love, consent culture, intimacy and conscious sexuality. Bringing Big Body Love also to Germany and the UK, she creates spaces of empowerment, authenticity, connection, pleasure and healing, focussing on the empowerment and participation of marginalised bodies such as queer, fat, disabled bodies.


I was born in Vienna, with serbian-austrian roots and grew up on the country side of Salzkammergut, where I early experienced life with all the senses - earthly, sensual, deep. From early on I was interested in ancient wisdom and traditional herbal medicine. 

After many years of failed self-optimization in the sense of society beauty standards, a vicious cycle of eating disorders and other coping strategies, emotional chaos and desperation, a severe immune disease in my early 20s forced me to a time-out and ultimately to reconnect to my body, intuition and all the treasures inside of me.


The training in Integrative Breathwork with Waltraud Degen (Institute Atman) shortly after my illness, taught me the enormous potential and power of the breath for my physical and emotional wellbeing. Breathing instead of pushing through. I was able to listen to my body again. This process of inner listening has become my most important compass in life and every time I ignore, optimize or belittle it, I receive body signals to listen more carefully. Every year those signals get less painful, less loud and my listening more mindful and attentive. But still to this day I am the student of my inner body wisdom.


Since then a few years passed, I participated in many trainings and teachings and I touch  people - literally and figuratively speaking - by sharing what I have learned and by accompanying and empowering people on their journeys to their bodies, their desires, boundaries, their sexuality and their resilience.


My super power is my intuition and my authenticity. I am touchable. And I support my clients to activate this superpower within them. If you want to activate your superpower, get in touch!



  • Integrative Breathwork  (Waltraud Degen / Verein Atman - Verein für Integratives Atmen, Austria)
  • Further Breathwork Training "Breath and Pain" (Waltraud Degen, Austria)
  • Urban Tantra Professionals Training (Barbara Carrellas, USA/UK)
  • Temple Whore Training (Seani Love / School of Erotic Mysteries, UK/Sweden)
  • Wheel of Consent Professionals Training (Betty Martin, USA/Ö)
  • Lima Lima (Holona) - Polynesian sensual-sexual bodywork (Noelani & Kahu Naone / Academy of Aloha, Hawai'i/Austria)
  • Raindrop Technique (Karin Huber & Sandra Leßlhumer, Ö)
  • MANNEA - energetic hormonal & nervous system balance (formerly known as "Ganzheitliche Frauenheilmassage")

Yearlong experience:

  • Guided rituals and circles (red tents, annual and life cycles)
  • Meditative experiences in nature
  • Psychodrama 
  • TEM - Traditional European herbal medicine

Further projects: CORONA CONNECT project by Queer Bodyworkers Vienna 

+43 699 111 69854