12.6. (2-6 pm Vienna) BIG BODY LOVE

BIG BODY LOVE - an empowering workshop on embracing your plus size body and creating an abundant life just as you are (english)


This is a workshop to celebrate your body and your whole SELF for being alive, for holding your life. 


“It is your birthright to feel joy and pleasure in your body.”


We will have a look at what society throws at us for living life on this earth in diverse bodies, so we understand where body shame etc come from. This will include an intersectional view onto fatphobia connected to ableism, racism and sexism. But: we will feel into it, we will connect to our bodies, our feelings, our desires and our powers. We will take space for the variety of feelings that come up when we allow softness and vulnerability regarding our bodies. Beneath of all of these “uncomfortable” and painful emotions lies our enormous source of power - a core of sovereignty and resilience. We will explore how to shift from the mindset of “not being enough” to living an authentic, abundant life with a big body.


I will share with you from my practice as a fat, queer bodyworker supporting women and queer people to embrace their bodies, take up the space they deserve, live their life more authentically and more abundantly by making peace with their bodies, desires and boundaries. 


We will move our bodies with dance and breath to access our energies, joy, lightness and creativity in authentic movement. We will experience exercises together that support us in creating resilience and help us processing society's impact on our bodies, health and overall well-being. 

The exercises I will show you will be easy for you to integrate in your day-to-day life. You will have the opportunity to share with other fat folks from your experience.


It´s time you take up the space in your life that you deserve. It´s time to stop compensating your big body by making yourself little. This is a workshop of worship. This is a workshop of vulnerability. Of resilience and joy. 


This workshop is for plus size participants, especially women* and queer people.

You will recieve a short handout with the exercises after the workshop so you are able to repeat them in your day to day life.


10% of the workshop fees will go to two projects that support BPoC (Black & People of Colour) - one in Austria and one in the US. 

If you are a BPoC and think this workshop could be supportive, you can join for free (or if you want a small donation). Write me an e-mail to contact@big-body-love.com

13.6. (10 am - 1 pm Vienna) BODY LOVE

What is radical self-care? The beginning is dedicated to a dive deep into the mindsets on self care, self love, selfishness, self improvement, self appreciation and how they differ from each other. Why is self care such an empowering and radical practice and essential for survival - especially for BPoC, queer people, disabled folks, fat people, women?

How does this intersectional system impact on my mental & physical health, my privileges, my discrimination, my education, work and creativity? 


We will explore the necessity of radical self-care from an embodied perspective. You will have time and space to go deeper into your very individual history and self care processes. We will work with breath, movement, music, sound to move energies in your body. This way you have exercises to strengthen your resilience and nervous system.

You will also have the chance to experiment with feeling and expressing your boundaries.


Self care is community care and vice versa.

For the final part we will experiment with the correlation of the individual and the community aspect of self care. Self care is always something that is fundamental in communities - they nourish us, heal us, support us, or: not, depending on the community and our individual needs.

At times there´s a conflict of personal boundaries and interpersonal expectations, projections, miscommunication etc. - how does self care work then?

Also: how can we be accountable and support our communities without burning out, crossing our own boundaries, letting others cross our boundaries and play off our needs/triggers/boundaries against each other?


Currently BPoC are protesting and fighting for their lives. White people with discriminatory experiences (experiencing sexism, ableism, other forms of racism, homo- and transphobia, fatphobia, classism) often play off their experiences against those of BPoC people. So in this workshop we will deeply look at how we as white folks are able to care for ourselves, heal, be true to our boundaries and embrace community while being accountable for BPoC and doing our parts of putting end to white supremacy and structural racism.

This workshop is for every*body, but especially white folks. 

You will recieve a short handout with the exercises after the workshop so you are able to repeat them in your day to day life.


10% of the workshop fees will go to two projects that support BPoC (Black & People of Colour) - one in Austria and one in the US.