Artikel mit dem Tag "connection"

As the end of the year approaches, you find articles and memes on how to be "a better version of yourself". You´ll find top 10 lists on how to stop procrastinating and implement those New Year´s Resolutions. And I want to tell you something: fuck that! I deeply think and moreso feel that a life based on authenticity, vulnerability and honesty is the way to go for your soul, heart, body and mind to thrive and grow. It´s the key to true connection (with self and others) and belonging.

The holiday season is a difficult time for many people where self-care and self-love can get lost in celebrations, the pressure to buy presents and fulfil family obligations. It might be also a challenging time for those who are alone, don´t do any celebrations or miss community around them. This sheet might offer stories and strategies, as well as inspirations and empowerment to love and care for ourselves in whatever way feels good for who we are.